Sunday, November 1, 2020

Open House Video, Fall 2020

 Open House Video, Fall 2020

Learn to Play the Ukulele!

1. Tuning the Ukulele

2. Strumming the Ukulele

3. C major and G7 "There Ain't no Bugs on Me" by: Garcia and Grisman

4. D minor and A7 "Sing When my Spirit Says Sing!" by: Traditional African American Spiritual

5. F major, C7, and B flat (Bb) major "Down by the Riverside" by: Traditional African American Spiritual

The Maple Trees

This is a song first published in 1947 by an anonymous composer about the wonder of wandering through the woods and maple trees. 

The Maple Trees 

We can be Together, by: Peter Seigel

 Here's a song all about ways we can be and feel together during the pandemic. 

We can be Together 

By: Peter Seigel

Let's have a Musical Conversation!

 Grab a rhythm instrument (it can be your clapping hands!) and let's have a Musical Conversation

Down by the Riverside

Down by the Riverside is an anti-war spiritual from the time of the American Civil War that has been passed down through generations within the African American musical tradition. 

Down by the Riverside

Can you dance like a Firefly?